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Chris Wallace: Trump has no chance at re-election if voters

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace joined the "Fox News Rundown" podcast Friday to discuss the state of the 2020 presidential race after Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., suspended his campaign and how the coronavirus pandemic will affect the outcome.
"I think he moved the party considerably to the left on health issues," Wallace said. "I mean, think of some of the things that even Joe Biden, who's running as the relative centrist or moderate although he's certainly pretty liberal, is endorsing now that were just unacceptable."
"He's for a public option, not Medicare-for-all, but a public option," Wallace added. "That wasn't something that Barack Obama supported in 2012. Health care for illegal immigrants, that wasn't something that Barack Obama supported in 2012. Decriminalizing people coming across the border [illegally], same for Obama ... Biden is a lot closer to Bernie Sanders than he is to where Barack Obama was just four years ago."
Wallace also predicted that the November election would double as a referendum on President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying: "If people come to the conclusion, a majority of Americans, that he has handled the health issue and the economic issue poorly, I don't think he has any chance to win."
"I'm not sure that Biden's issues and, you know, his record and stuff is gonna be all that important," he added.
Wallace also addressed whether Trump can win reelection during a coronavirus-induced recession.
"Does he get the full brunt of the blame for something which clearly he had nothing to do with?" Wallace asked aloud. "I think that people will make a judgment. They'll say, 'Did he handle the health crisis properly? Did he handle the economic crisis properly or not?'"
"I think there'll be a tougher argument [for Trump] to make [if] people are still suffering," Wallace said. "In the last three weeks, we've had 17 million new Americans claim unemployment, go on unemployment. You know, that's horrible, but politically acceptable in April. Is it acceptable in September and October? Probably not."
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